The Diseased


Introduction of the first book of Deus ex Morbus.

Chapter One

The missing scout party returns and Keith and Jacob set-out.

Chapter Two

Yuri’s back story and a bit about the behind the scenes.

Chapter Three

Devon and Robert are preparing the camp to move when Johnny returns with news.

Chapter Four

The man that dared called Yuri Chucky is introduced and Yuri begins to plot.

Chapter Five

Johnny is on the trail back to meet scout teams and Andy finally turns up.

Chapter Six

Buzz meets up with Yuri and Alexi and the three stumble upon something big.

Chapter Seven

The group makes it to the camp and Andy has to deal with a situation.

Chapter Eight

Charles and Alex score Buzz a fake ID and Buzz sees something he wish he hadn’t.

Chapter Nine

The group come across their last stop before Fort Knox and find a few surprises.

Chapter Ten

Buzz finds the command group and their civies.

Chapter Eleven

Maria explains the origin of the Disease… and some other stuff happens.

Chapter Twelve

The scout leaders separate and the Rider emerges.

Chapter Thirteen

Duane gets saved and stuff is revealed about the Disease.

Chapter Fourteen

The last chapter.




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