The Diseased

72730267_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_5111067No one has ever experienced an epidemic quite like it. One moment, people are rational beings. The next, they are slaves to their own worst impulses. This virus reduces humans to cannibalistic monsters who constantly need to feed on human flesh.

It has been eighteen months since the “Disease” first swept through the United States. Little is known about its true origins. After the first wave of infection, former army captain Allen collected a group of old friends and formed a command unit. Now, these six makeshift soldiers are working to protect a larger group of civilians headed to Fort Knox, the new capital of the southeastern United States. The Emergency Broadcast System claims it’s a sanctuary from the horror of the Disease and its many gibbering victims.

What Allen and the others don’t realize is that Fort Knox has already been taken over by a shadowy faction with secret motivations. Also, Allen’s group isn’t the only one that heard the broadcast, and now there’s something much worse coming for Fort Knox. Will Allen be able to help the others survive the horrors ahead? Will he be able to save himself?

Available on:
Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


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